Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Product Recommendation: Moleskine Notebook

Dear Readers, I have an amazing product to recommend! After my latest trip to the Wind River Wilderness, and after having it suggested to me by my friend Kenneth that I write down more stuff, I decided (finally) to act! Once I had returned to the Noble Hotel in Lander after the trip, I walked across the street to the bookshop to see if they sold Moleskine Notebooks, not feeling very optimistic. It turned out that they did, so I thought about it for about five minutes and then purchased one. Two members of my NOLS expedition in the southern Winds had such notebooks, and they're really cool. It doesn't really matter what kind of notebook you get, but this one does seem handy. So I've started carrying it with me in my pannier most places I go and then borrowing a pen from someone whenever I want to write something down. This might include phone numbers, thoughts, plans, feelings, or other things. I also taped a note from someone else into it. Pretty cool. I also plan to use it to write sections of my book when my laptop is not around. It is becoming apparent that it is much easier to transpose from the notebook than it is to do so from a copy of the New York Times.


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