Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not Just Crap

My mother bought a box of Pop Champagne at the Corks liquor store in Montrose, Colorado, last month. I think it's a great idea, but I have yet to try it. Pop is sold in small bottles (1/4 regular size), and cute silver straws are included. Montrose is definitely Red America (despite having a Starbucks), so when my mother relayed this story to me, I pictured the liquor store clerk wearing a flannel shirt and Carhartt Overalls. He told my mother that all the runway models in Paris drink Pop backstage before a show. How the clerk at a liquor store in Montrose would know this is a mystery indeed.

As my mother paid for the champagne, he congratulated her on a good purchase. "It's not just crap, you know. It's French!" Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new catchphrase.

And is that Zoe Bartlett pimping Excedrin? Weird.


Blogger Phil said...

This may be weird.. but I just saw the Excedrin commercial and I was like woah.. Zoe.. So I googled it and your blog came up.

3/2/06 10:15 AM  

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